YES or NO: Does Agmatine goes well with Kratom?

YES or NO: Does Agmatine goes well with Kratom?

With all of these expensive medical treatments that are out of most people’s budget, more and more users are turning to natural healing as an alternative. Some people even believe that medicinal drug cures one sickness but brings about two more other diseases. Which is why traditional methods of healing are considered as a second option.

Herbal plants are more common in the Southeast Asian countries. Most of these herbs have been used by natives for more than hundreds of years, which makes it effective remedies. And one of these medicinal plants has recently been the rage all over the world, the kratom plant.

Kratom is an herb that grows abundantly in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. It has long been known and used as medicine to treat chronic pains and to serve as a sedative. With its numerous positive functions, there is no doubt that kratom is sought-after by users all around the world.

There are different varieties and color strains of kratom in the market today. You may encounter types like Maeng Da, Malaysian, and Dragon strains and all of these has specific effects on the body. So before you get your hands on kratom, always do a background check of the product beforehand.

Kratom is available as crushed leaves that you can toss-and-wash, or you can boil and make into a tea. You can also avail the capsule version of kratom and take it in like you would a common medicine. Or if you want the modernized creative versions, kratom is available in chewing gums or vape juices.

But there are some countries that have banned kratom within their borders because of its likeness to other plants like marijuana and opium. It is true that kratom has the same high-inducing feeling like those mentioned plants, but there is no actual statement that labels kratom as illegal. Lack of research led government agencies to place kratom under watch before deciding if it is legal or not.

Agmatine Kratom Mix

There are some herbs in the market that may not be as effective as you wish it to be. Some people experience more complex ailments that they have the need to mix and match various herbs. One of this is the agmatine-kratom tandem.

Agmatine is the most common drug used to treat neuro-related pains as well as to prevent drug addiction. By adding this to your daily intake of kratom, you reduce your tolerance of the herb and also protect yourself from a stroke. It allows addicted users to lie low and improve their conditions back to normal.

By mixing agmatine to kratom, you will find a balance between both chemicals. Agmatine prevents you from being addicted to kratom, as well as enhance its pain-relieving functions so you can have a stress-free life. On the other hand, the lack of research is still needed to solidify the positive effects of the mix.

Agmatine-Kratom: YES or NO?

YES or NO: Does Agmatine goes well with Kratom?

Even if the agmatine-kratom tandem sounds good because of its contradicting effects, users still have 50/50 views when it comes to mixing kratom with agmatine.


The mixing of both drugs is perfect for people who are looking for a balance between two chemicals. It is also a great way to reduce addiction and enhance the medicinal properties of kratom.

50% of users are fond of the agmatine-kratom mix because it lasts up to 10 hours longer than the common kratom intake. It also offers a stronger medical factor that relieves them of pain and improves their sleep.


There are some people who aren’t too fond of the mixture. They think that agmatine-kratom do not offer the best of both worlds, but gives half and half.

Users agree that agmatine enhances the medicinal properties of kratom. But they have to disagree with the mixture because it kills any positive mood lift that is induced by kratom.

It seems that 50% of users are into kratom for the “high-inducing” feeling that it offers. They love kratom with the same effects that opium and marijuana offer without the “illegal” band that comes with it. And mixing it with agmatine to prevent any addiction, is a big NO for them.

Finding a balance between two powerful chemicals without any solid research may be a risk that you should be willing to take. The statement goes without saying that you should always be careful when mixing and taking in drugs. Always stick to your personal dosage because excess or the abused dose may cause harm and maybe even death.

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