What You Need to Know About the Sacred Blue Lotus

What You Need to Know About the Sacred Blue Lotus

The sacred blue lotus was abundant in ancient Egypt. It was growing abundantly along the banks of the Nile River for many centuries.

Ancient Egyptians use it to increase mental sharpness and to induce sublime relaxation states. Depending on the potency and dosage, the blue lotus produces sedative effects, mild hallucinations, euphoric feelings, and sexual stimulation.

Today, many people use it as an aid for lucid dreaming.

How to Use the Sacred Blue Lotus

  •    Drink as Tea

Many people brew the entire plant for at most 30 minutes before drinking it. They also mix it into liquors, wines, and cocktails.

If you want to take it as tea, you can brew 5 grams per use. You can use the same dosage if you’re going to mix it with wine, liquor, or cocktails.

  •    Smoke the Petals and Bulbs

If you want to smoke the blue lotus, you must also include the bulbs, aside from the petals, because of the calming ingredients are in the bulbs.

The buds and flowers undergo compression to become a sticky resin that you can smoke.

  •    Oil Concentrate or Tincture

You can also use the sacred blue lotus oil as a massage oil. You will instantly feel the sedative effects once your skin absorbs it.

However, the oil concentrate is different from the essential oil. The latter goes through a steam distillation process that reduces the plant’s overall potency. But, you can also achieve the desired effects upon use.

The recommended dose is up to five eyedroppers full or about 3 ml. You must leave it under your tongue for about 20 seconds before swallowing slowly. You can repeat the dose after 10 minutes.

Consuming more than 10ml is not recommendable because you may experience the side effects. Also, most tinctures contain a small amount of alcohol. So, you must not drive after taking it.

Effects of Blue Lotus

  •    Sedative Properties

You can use the blue lotus as a sleep aid, a stress reliever, and anti-anxiety remedy.

  •    Feeling of Euphoria

Nuciferan and aporphine found in blue lotus produce a feeling of calming euphoria.

  •    Treatment for Gastrointestinal Issues

You can also use it when you have dyspepsia and diarrhea. But, there is not enough research to prove that it can indeed cure gastrointestinal problems.

  •    Alleviate depression symptoms

Because the plant produces a feeling of euphoria, you can use it for your depression. But, you must know that happiness is only temporary.

  •    Stimulant

Because of the plant’s calming effects, you can spend time socializing with friends and family.

  •    Cures Erectile Dysfunction

Instead of turning to pharmaceutical drugs, you can use the blue lotus as a natural aphrodisiac. If depression causes your sexual dysfunction, you will find ingesting the plant beneficial.

  •    Heightened Psychic Energy

Some people report that the blue lotus causes the opening of their third eye. You can experience a subtle, yet expanded consciousness state while meditating.

Blue lotus produces a comfortable, dreamy feeling that reinforces the alpha state. If you use it before bedtime, you can experience lucid dreaming.

Side Effects of Using Blue Lotus

What You Need to Know About the Sacred Blue Lotus

You may experience mild jittery feeling and hot flashes if you take it in large doses. However, most side effects are not harmful because they are mild.

But, you can experience significant issues if you combine blue lotus with other drugs, like prescription painkillers and cannabis. You can have intense disorientation and nausea.

Legal Issues of Blue Lotus Consumption

The US authorities banned the plant for human consumption. However, its purchase, cultivation, and sale are legal.

You can find incense, tincture, essential oil, and teas in stores, but these items must follow some regulations. The state of Louisiana passed a law that supports the ban on human consumption. But, its distribution is still legal.

In Russia, the blue lotus is illegal because of the various synthetic marijuana scandals.


The blue lotus provides different benefits. You can drink it as tea or combine with wine, liquor, and cocktails. You can also smoke it or use it as a tincture.

The plant provides sedative and stimulation properties, feelings of euphoria, and heightened psychic powers. You can also use it to treat gastrointestinal problems, erectile dysfunction, and temporary depression.

However, you must be careful about dosing because you may experience its mild side effects. You must avoid combining it with cannabis and prescription painkillers because you will experience nausea and intense disorientation.

Regarding legality, the cultivation and trading of the sacred blue lotus are legal. However, the US authorities banned it for human consumption. Moreover, Russia banned it altogether.

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