The Best of the Best: What You Need to Know About OPMs Kratom

The Best of the Best: What You Need to Know About OPMs Kratom

Kratom has been in use across Southeast Asia for centuries. It is used as traditional medicine that can manage pain and boost energy.

Aside from being used as a medicine, in Thailand, workers have also used kratom for years in taking the edge off after a long and tiring day. Likewise, they also use it at the start of the day to give them the energy that they need to do well at work.

With all the benefits that come with incorporating kratom in your lifestyle, it is baffling how the rest the world is only catching up. Thankfully, kratom is now easily available and can be bought online.

If you are new to kratom, determining the brand that would provide you with the best and safest experience is important. For that, there is OPMS kratom.

What Is OPMS Kratom?

The Best of the Best: What You Need to Know About OPMs Kratom


OPMS kratom, otherwise known as Organic Purified Mitragyna Speciosa, is a brand of kratom particularly popular because of its high potency. Longtime kratom users consider this brand as one of the best kratom products available in the market today.

What sets OPMS apart is its patented kratom extraction technique. Most kratom products are created by extracting alkaloids with solvent or hot water. While it is effective, the abrasive nature of solvent and hot water tends to decrease the alkaline content.

OPMS uses a method that involves cold water and high pressure. This technique enables the OPMS kratom brand to extract alkaloids without losing too much of its potency.

This unique extraction technique ensures that processed mitragyna speciosa, the plant where kratom is sourced, retains around 95% of its alkaloid content. This results in a more powerful and potent product.

What Are the Benefits of OPMS Kratom?

Like most kratom products, OPMS kratom provides very positive effects to its users:

Energy Booster

In lower doses, OPMS kratom is known to be an energy booster. Users have reported replacing their usual morning pick-me-up with a kratom capsule. Doing so gives them the energy that they need in order to get on with their day without the jitters and anxiety that come with coffee or energy drinks.

Mood Enhancer

The main draw of kratom is the fact that it promotes feelings of bliss. It is known for reducing anxiety and increasing euphoria for its users.

Sleep Inducer

The effects of kratom can go to either sides of the spectrum depending on the dose that you consume. In larger quantities, kratom is an effective sedative. Since it is natural, it is a great substitute to over-the-counter sleeping pills. It is also known to treat insomnia.

What Are the Types of OPMS Kratom?

There are three types of OPMS branded kratom available in the market today:

OPMS Silver

Unlike the OPMS Gold, the silver variant of this product is not an extract. It is made from plain leaf made into a capsule. With that said, this is the best option for beginners since it has the least potency. It comes in three varieties: Maeng Da, Thai, and Malay Special Reserve.


OPMS Gold is a capsule made from kratom extract. As mentioned earlier, OPMS Gold is a stronger form of this brand of kratom products. Because it is stronger, this type comes in packs of 2s, 3s, and 5s. But don’t let two capsules fool you—OPMS Gold pacts a mean punch.

OPMS Liquid

As the name suggests, OPMS Liquid is the only product of this brand that does not come in capsule form. It is the most sought after OPMS offering because of its potency. It comes in 8ML bottles that can be bought in bulks of 45.

How Much OPMS Kratom Should You Take?

The amount of kratom you take depends on a number of different factors. Tolerance, desired effect, and kratom product are among the most important things that should be considered. With that being said, it is smart for beginners to start with two capsules at most; you can always up your dosage should you want a different kratom experience.

Ask any longtime kratom user—OPMs products are simply the best ones that you can find in the market today. If you are only starting out with kratom, why not start with the best?

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