Sacred Blue Lotus Plant: Egyptian Flower of Relaxation

Sacred Blue Lotus Plant: Egyptian Flower of Relaxation

Tables, pills, and medication can only go a long way but if you really wish to heal your body from all its aches and pains, natural is the only way to go to be free of all this despair and stress. Herbs and flowers have long been used in history to heal and alleviate man sicknesses, some of which were thought to be incurable by the standards of professionals and doctors alike. Up until today, these herbal supplements continue to show just how potent and effective they can be in the fields of cure and medicine for the ill and in chronic pain.

With the likes of kratom, kava kava, CBD oil, and many more – the possibilities held by taking the all-natural is only limited by the user’s imagination to wielding such healing prowess. Today though, we will be flying all the way to Egypt and discovering one of their most prized flowers that have long been used in their history to heal the sick and awaken the body, mind, and soul. Yes, you read that right, today we will be learning all about the sacred blue lotus plant – the Egyptian Water Lily that has been making huge strides in the herbal market today.

What is This Sacred Blue Lotus Plant in the First Place?

Sacred Blue Lotus Plant: Egyptian Flower of Relaxation

It is scientifically known as the Nymphaea Caerulea, or the blue lotus which comes all the way from Egypt with its healing and relaxing properties that rival even the greatest herbs today. This sacred blue lotus plant has been used by the Egyptians to reach heightened senses and become one with their mind, body, and soul to reach a state of complete relaxation and divinity. The blue lotus plant has also been used to depict several different subjects that the Egyptians held on dearly to, as this represented their way of life:

  • Spirituality, the sacred water lily has long held a heavy connection to the spirituality of a person because of how it affected and connected the body with relaxing and euphoric properties.
  • Divinity, it was also held in high regard and connection to divinity as this plant was seen as a gift from the gods helping them reach a state of mind only possible through it.
  • Fertility, the plant’s capability to awaken the sexual nature of both men and women prove that it was represented as means for fertility among the Egyptians and even today.
  • Youthfulness, the appeal for the plant brought the likes of many to a sense of youth making it also represent that of vigor and strength.
  • Eternity, closely connected to its divinity the plant’s use was also heavily influenced by its representation of the beauties of eternity that lie ahead.
  • Intellect, since it could increase the cognitive abilities and retention of memory of the user it was also labeled with the signs of enlightenment.
  • Purity, natural and clean – need we say more?

What Effects Does the Egyptian Water Lily Bring About?

In recent years though much less of its spirituality side have been retained a lot of its properties have been utilized and improved in our modern day. The blue lotus plant is now stronger than ever being able to bring about the properties listed below:

  • Euphoric Properties: use of the plant has been documented to bring about the feelings of euphoria among its users, generally feeling a lot more pleasant.
  • Erotic Arousal: the plant has also seen to be very effective among couples who suffer from problems with sexual health, curing sex drive and the likes of erectile dysfunction.
  • Calms Mind: it has also been quite the contender to meeting the needs of those stressed and cluttered with the challenges of life, calming their body, mind, and soul.
  • Increase Cognitive Ability: the plant has also shown to increase the alertness and focus of the user making them a lot more aware of themselves and their surroundings as well.

If you are looking for a new venue to bridging your mind to a whole new state of calmness and happiness then the blue lotus plant might just be the answer to all of your sincere prayers. It is sure to provide you with the much need benefits of relaxation and feeling of euphoria coupled with the added benefits of sexual prowess with your romantic interests waiting for energy.

Just always remember to be responsible for use and you will be having an experience much stronger and potent than the Egyptians could have ever dreamt of.

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