Product Review: Yellow Vietnam Kratom and Its Effects

Product Review: Yellow Vietnam Kratom and Its Effects

There are people in the kratom community who will encourage other users to try out different strains. It is so users can find more options for them to broaden their kratom-consuming experience.

New strains are always popping up, and users do have chances to try them out. Always remember to take them within your limits, though. In this article, we will take a look at Yellow Vietnam Kratom and what you can gain out of this unique strain.

Basic Facts About Yellow Vietnam Kratom and Its Origins

Product Review: Yellow Vietnam Kratom and Its Effects

Kratom comes from a tropical plant known as the M. speciosa. This is a plant that’s related to the coffee plant, which means it contains active alkaloids in them. This makes them very effective in giving therapeutic properties when it’s consumed.

Kratom grows in parts of Southeast Asia. The countries where you can find the kratom plant growing include:

  • Thailand
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Papua New Guinea

These are the countries where kratom is commonly grown. Other parts of Southeast Asia can grow the tropical plant. The area just needs to have the right weather conditions and soil for the Kratom to thrive there.

Vietnam is one country that came up with its own kratom strain. Kratom users are now paying attention to Yellow Vietnam.

Not a lot of users are aware of yellow veined kratom strains, like that of Yellow Vietnam. That’s because yellow veins are white veins that change color during the drying process. Also, Yellow Vietnam is a very new strain.

Yellow Dragon comes from a variety of Kratom that grows in a thick forest by the Mekong River. Before that spot grew Yellow Vietnam, it was a spot that grew rice. Like many kratom strains, Yellow Vietnam Kratom can offer mood elevation and sedation.

Benefits of the Yellow Vietnam Strain

Many Kratom strains do share similar effects when someone ingests them. Yellow Vietnam Kratom does have its own set of kratom benefits that are unique.

One key feature of kratom is how it gives off a bitter taste to whoever will consume it. Yellow Vietnam Kratom is different in how it tastes compared to other strains. Users noted that Yellow Vietnam is a sweet-tasting strain.

The taste isn’t the only thing that makes it easier to ingest over other kratom varieties. Here are some of Yellow Vietnam’s unique benefits:

  • Mood Elevation
  • Pain Relief
  • Mental Clarity
  • Invigoration

One of the most notable benefits of this strain is euphoria. Many users note that the euphoria from this strain lets you keep your sense of awareness.

The more Yellow Vietnam you take, the higher the chances are to feel the euphoria. However, be careful on how much of this strain you consume.

Possible Side Effects in Taking Yellow Vietnam

Yellow Vietnam Kratom is still very new, so there are still more to know about their exact list of side effects.

The most common negative side effects in taking Yellow Vietnam is nausea. This is only possible if you take a high dose in a short span of time. Too much kratom in the stomach can lead to other gastric problems, such as diarrhea and stomach aches.

There are very few chances of someone getting a kratom addiction. Taking too much kratom in succession can lead to overdependence.

Taking Yellow Vietnam in excess can also lead to complications. Be sure to take track of your Yellow Vietnam intake to make sure the kratom doesn’t go against you.

Recommended Dosage of Yellow Vietnam Kratom

Only take Yellow Vietnam in small to moderate doses. This is to keep yourself from experiencing the side effects.

Don’t make the dose high unless you didn’t feel the wanted effects of the kratom during the last intake. Do increase your dosage only when you’ve gotten accustomed to taking kratom on a regular basis.

For most kratom strains, taking eight grams of it is already called a very high dose. Yellow Vietnam Kratom is very potent, though. Hence, why it’s recommended that dosages for this strain should be smaller.

A normal dose of Yellow Vietnam Kratom is 2 to 3 grams. Only increase the dose by two more grams only when you don’t feel anything within 10-20 minutes of the first dose.

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