Kratom Strain Facts: Is It Safe for Pregnant Women?

Kratom Strain Facts: Is It Safe for Pregnant Women?

Users who are pregnant should be very careful in anything they will input in their bodies. This is because anything they intake will have the corresponding effect on them. This is the reason why they should be vigilant in whatever they consume.

Additionally, medical professionals strictly reminding all pregnant women to avoid taking any over-the-counter drugs, illicit substances and even prescription medications. Unlike any other synthetic medications which might potentially harm the growing fetus, kratom is quite the opposite.

Since it is derived from the family of the coffee tree, this tropical evergreen plant is native in Asia and produces stimulating effects. When taking it on a high dosage, it enhances sedation. Since it is classified as one of the opioid stimulants, it is recommended to take it with caution.

If you are pregnant, the doctor has advised not to take any substances including this herbal plant. Although there is no known scientific reason why it is not good for pregnant women, the reason is that to prevent any congenital disabilities it may give to the growing fetus.

Furthermore, if you are taking kratom and discovered that you are having a baby, doctors said to slowly wean off from taking this substance. It is highly recommended not to abruptly stop taking but weaning slowly so that you will not experience any withdrawal symptoms such as jitteriness, difficulty sleeping, and anxiety.

Kratom Strains: Can It Lead to Congenital Disabilities During Pregnancy?

Kratom Strain Facts: Is It Safe for Pregnant Women?

There is no known research that this type of plant causes any abnormalities to the baby while in utero. According to some experts, there is no evidence which linked to birth defects while mothers are using it. However, during pregnancy, women must be careful in their consumption

Medical practitioners strongly advised that using kratom while pregnant is not advisable. Although there are no scientific findings that cause such defects to the unborn child, it is better to take higher regard in order to keep the baby normal and healthy. Some claimed that this substance is not yet regulated under the lists found on Food and Drug Administration.

Therefore, any benefits or negative effects on both mothers and babies are still unknown. It better to follow the advice of some experts to minimize the negative impact on the baby.

Additionally, since the kratom plant has a similar component to opioid medication, it has the probability that it can produce congenital disabilities to the first trimester of life. Although there is no substantial evidence, there is the possibility to have effects that are undesirable.

Firstly, excessive amounts of opioid cause excess fluid in the baby’s brain. The alkaloid contents will trigger the hormones in the brain which does not absorb excess liquid that is why some babies will have a condition of hydrocephalus.

Secondly, the fetus will develop glaucoma, some will have congenital heart conditions, spina bifida or abnormalities in the spinal cord and there are holes in the stomach lining of the abdomen.

Therefore, it is no right to take kratom while pregnant continuously. You must be careful about this is a delicate stage for you and to your baby.

Understanding the Pharmacological Mechanism of Kratom

This type of plant contains plenty of phytochemicals or chemical compounds such as 7 hrydroxymitragynine and mitragynine. This explains why the body will have sedative, analgesic, and energy boosting effects. Specific actions are corresponding to this component.

The mitragynine content is not water soluble or otherwise poor solubility. Aside from that, it likes to bind with fat in the body. That is why it is easier to cross in the bloodstreams and blood-brain barrier making it effective to produce mental effects such as sedation and relaxation.

Additionally, it has opioid-like contents which cause euphoric feeling. Meaning to say that anyone who takes it can benefit by attaining peace of mind and body relaxation. On high dosages, it will produce painkiller properties.

The alkaloids will bond to mu receptors in the brain which blocks and receptors in the brain that triggers pain. So, the neural pathway will prohibit these receptors thereby, the users feel no pain.

Concerning congenital disabilities, there is no profound evidence that it can cause anomalies to babies. But, it profoundly disregards by doctors and experts to postpone any intake of substances just like kratom to prevent damage to the growing infants.

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