Kratom Dizzy: Know the Causes and Ways to Avoid It

Kratom Dizzy: Know the Causes and Ways to Avoid It

Kratom dizziness is one of the common side effects of Kratom, and this is evident for beginners. If you are a beginner, the first thing you will notice upon taking Kratom is the feeling of dizziness. While people have different tolerance, there are still ways to avoid experience dizziness by following the tips.

For thousands of generations, most countries within southeastern Asia have used Mitragyna speciosa or kratom as a remedy to treat depression, anxiety, lack of energy, and pain. Recently, it has gained popularity in Western countries due to its organic and herbal properties. While most of its effects are beneficial, there are also side effects, such as like eye wobbles, dizziness, or nausea.

Kratom Dizziness: What Are the Causes?

Before knowing the causes, you should know the importance of understanding how this herb works in your body. There are 20 alkaloids in Kratom, and each of them are considered as active elements. Such alkaloids act on brain’s opioid receptors.

These receptors are considered as neurotransmitters. In other words, opiates such as painkillers and heroin affect them. Just like opiates, Kratom affects these receptors, but this herb is not classified as an opiate and has never been one.

Since it can still affect the receptors, there are times when the alkaloids will block the opioid receptors. The most common side effects are analgesic, sedative, relaxing, euphoric, headache, dizziness, or nausea. If you are dizzy, your perception, balance, vision will also be affected.

Kratom: What Is the Accurate Dosage to Follow?

When you talk about kratom dizzy, the dosage plays a huge factor. If you are a beginner, you are probably reading a lot of articles about the right dosage for your age and weight. You should also know that following the right dosage has other perks and this is to avoid the dizziness which you can feel.

If your dosage is higher, you will be able to experience a little bit of dizziness, and lightheadedness. If your dosage is too high, you will feel the feeling of having a foggy brain and severe headache. Starting with conservative and moderate doses is recommended if you have been ingesting large doses and felt lightheadedness and dizziness afterward.

Kratom: The Effects of Low Blood Sugar

Kratom Dizzy: Know the Causes and Ways to Avoid It

If you are hypoglycemic, it means that your blood sugar is low. As a consequence, foggy brain or dizziness may be quickly felt if you are also taking Kratom. You will have a low blood sugar if your stomach is lack of food.

According to some users, they are not hungry when they are taking Kratom. The rationale for this is the alteration or modification of perception that this herb can provoke. Another reason is the possibility of being nauseated, which makes sense that eating is not the priority.

If you are suffering from dizziness due to hypoglycemia or low blood sugar, you should relax or sit down for 15 minutes and try to eat foods that are high in sugar. You may also try honey or maple syrup if you are nauseous since they contain sugar. But the best thing about these foods is the fact they do not upset your stomach.

The best thing to do is to avoid taking kratom with an empty stomach if you are prone to nausea or dizziness.

Smart Tips to Avoid Kratom Dizzy

The simplest and the easiest way of avoiding kratom dizziness is to reduce your dosage. Since each variety contains different strains, it makes sense that they do have different effects. In other words, some strains have more analgesic or sedative properties, while others have more energizing or euphoric effects.

You need not ingest a larger dosage because experiencing these effects is possible with a low dosage. Lower doses are the smartest way in reducing your probability of experiencing dizziness. If you are getting used to smaller dosage, you may slowly increase the dosage according to the effects and circumstances.

Since the method of preparation can change or modify the effects created by kratom, you should try another method of taking the herb to avoid experiencing nauseated and dizziness. Bear in mind that this herb has 20 alkaloids or more, and the manner of its preparation and consumption will greatly affect the alkaloids being released. Due to these differences, the effects vary.

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