Kratom and Coffee: A Stimulating Combination

Kratom and Coffee: A Stimulating Combination

When you think of Kratom, you might not have anything to think of unless you are a user. If you do use Kratom, you either take it as a powder or a capsule. Those are the two most common ways to take it.

But, few would think that you can take Kratom along with a nice cup of coffee. A lot of people use Kratom to feel the stimulating or sedating effects it brings to a user.

Many take coffee to start the day right. Many take Kratom to get through a rough day or to treat pain. But why do Kratom and coffee sound like a good combination?

Kratom’s Relation to Coffee and Their Differences

Kratom and coffee work in similar ways. They are both grown and harvested for people to consume them. One thing people don’t know is that they both have alkaloids inside them.

Kratom is also related to the coffee plant. It comes from tropical evergreen trees that grow in Southeast Asia. Meanwhile, coffee grows on tropical, evergreen shrubs found in America, Asia, and Africa.

Another difference between the two is that Kratom doesn’t contain caffeine. Caffeine, an alkaloid, is active in coffee which acts a stimulant when it enters the human body. Kratom has 25 other active alkaloids that offer stimulation and relaxation.

You can take each one at a time, but there is a way for you to get both effects at the same time. You can mix Kratom and coffee together.

Several Ways to Take Kratom and Coffee Together

Kratom and Coffee: A Stimulating Combination

The Kratom coffee mixture is easy to make. If you know how to brew Kratom tea, then you can brew Kratom coffee. You do need to take note the Kratom dosage you add to your coffee though.

There is a possibility that the coffee will amplify or elongate the effects of the Kratom. Take a moderate dose if you want to keep your tolerance towards Kratom in check. Some of the recommended dosage measurements are:

  • One to two grams for a mild dose
  • Three to four grams for a moderate dose
  • Five grams or more for a large dose

Only take in an extra gram of Kratom if you don’t feel the effects kicking in after 15 minutes of the first intake. Experiment and see which one works for you.

The recipe for Kratom coffee is as follows:

  • Brew the same way you make your coffee with a coffee maker or with a French press
  • Add the amount of Kratom powder
  • Stir until all the powder dissolves

That is one way to have Kratom coffee. Other ways to prepare Kratom coffee are:

  • Buy pre-made Kratom mixes so you can mix them with your coffee
  • Boiling 10-15g of Kratom in a cup of hot water for 15 minutes before adding in coffee after straining.
  • Adding sugar, creamer or honey to mask the bitter taste is fine.
  • You can take Kratom capsules one hour before taking a regular cup of coffee.

What Does The Coffee and Kratom Mix Do To You?

People like to do the Kratom and coffee mix since it’s believed that coffee can potentiate Kratom. That means having both together will make you feel the effects of Kratom much longer. Plus, the caffeine from the coffee will still act as a pick-me-up as the Kratom effects set in.

You can expect the following effects when you take Kratom and coffee together:

  • A boost in physical performance
  • Weight loss
  • Increase in mental cognition
  • Pain-relief
  • Steady stimulation
  • Mild sedation (depending on the strain and the dosage taken)
  • Cure from drug addiction (if not abused)

Take both Kratom and coffee right, and you will get the best of both worlds. But, one should remember that everything in excess can lead to adverse effects.

High doses of caffeine can lead to addiction. High doses of Kratom can lead to dependency.

Drinking too much coffee can make one anxious and jittery. Taking too much Kratom can cause nausea and lethargy.

To keep these unwanted side effects from happening, control your Kratom intake. Don’t take it every day. Also, drink up to 2 cups of coffee per day so you won’t feel shaky.

Always remember to control how much Kratom and coffee you take. This way, you can enjoy both and continue to reap their benefits without harming yourself.

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