How to Resolve Kratom Nausea and Other Significant Kratom Facts

How to Resolve Kratom Nausea and Other Significant Kratom Facts

Kratom is mainly used to treat pain, but if taken the wrong way, expect adverse effects such as kratom nausea.

If kratom is taken in little amounts, you’ll feel recharged and have positive vibes. On the other hand, if kratom is consumed within the average dose, it can relieve pain and even correct your sleep pattern. The problem starts when a person consumes kratom above the prescribed dosage.

5 Tips and Techniques to Avoid Kratom Nausea

    • Know Your Dosage. Experts suggest that taking kratom in the lowest possible dose is the sure way to skip the side effects. To determine the right kratom dose, you just need a gram of kratom as a start-up dosage. If you don’t feel the relief, add another gram in the next 45 minutes.
    • Kratom Tea Instead of Toss and Wash. There are cases of kratom overdose after a sudden toss of powder into the user’s mouth. Hence, making a kratom tea is preferred by the majority of kratom users. When prepared as a tea, the kratom’s waxes, fibers, including chlorophyll are filtered.
    • Antacid 30 Minutes Before and a Snack After Intake

Although it is best to take kratom in an empty stomach, this could also mean a high risk of having an upset tummy. It is best to take an antacid 30 minutes before using a kratom to experience the optimum effect. Also, you can only take a light snack after 30 minutes to give your body enough time to absorb all the beneficial alkaloids.

  • Don’t Take Kratom With Lots of Water. Since kratom is water-insoluble, you must not take it with lots of water. When you drink too much water, you are just drawing the kratom powder to get stuck in your stomach.
  • Use Ginger to Prevent Nausea. Ginger has long been known as a natural way of reducing the risk of experiencing nausea. Adding ginger to your kratom tea will surely keep your stomach out of trouble, and you’ll definitely enjoy the unique tad spicy flavor.

Now, if you are already experiencing kratom nausea, no worries since you can find its cure even at your doorstep.

3 Cures of Nausea That You Can Always Lean on in Times of Trouble

  • Antihistamines. Particularly the Hydroxyzine and Dramamine antihistamines are the usual treatment for kratom nausea. Also, there are reports that the said antihistamines are effective in managing “motion sickness.”
  • Peppermint Essential Oil. One of the immediate ways to stop nausea is putting a peppermint essential oil under your tongue. The peppermint essential oil is also useful in fighting morning sickness.
  • Ginger. It is deemed to be as the most effective and efficient agent to prevent and treat nausea, so it must always be included in your kratom specs. Most of the people take raw ginger for the quicker relief of nausea.

Tracing the Reasons Why Irresponsible Kratom Intake Causes Nausea

How to Resolve Kratom Nausea and Other Significant Kratom Facts

The primary reason why irresponsible kratom consumption often leads to nausea is that the molecules, including alkaloids, stick to the opioid brain receptors. While you can gain positive effects when these receptors are ignited, the reaction will also construe nausea and vomiting.

Top 4 Methods of Taking Kratom for Optimum Effect

  • Tea Method. You just boil the kratom powder in water for about 30 minutes and then strain. The only Waterloo of this method is that it is time-consuming. However, a lot of people stick to making tea because it delivers a consistent potency.
  • Toss and Wash. This is the quickest mode of consuming a kratom. You only need to put the right dose in your mouth and follow it up with water and then swill before completely swallowing.
  • Capsule. If you want to take kratom in the most convenient way, you need to buy a kratom capsule. Also, kratom in capsule form is a sure way to skip the not-so-good taste of kratom.
  • Protein Shake Filler. This method will inevitably turn your kratom to the best taste possible. But, you must also be aware that taking a protein shake means piling up calories in your body.

If you want to experience the optimum effect of kratom, you must do your research. Now, regarding avoiding kratom nausea, what you only need do is to read this article until the end.

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