Terms of Service

We at The Kratom Mag continuously provide reliable information to cater to the needs of all our viewers when it comes to the use of Kratom. We want our viewers to be well-guided on everything that they need to know about Kratom; hence, our team manages to keep all content precise and up-to-date to make sure our viewers’ health is not compromised just because of vague information. We want to prevent any unwanted casualties just because of ambiguity.

As our team upholds a one-stop website for all your Kratom concerns, we just want to clarify some things when it comes to accessing our website. We want to share with you some terms and conditions when it comes to the usage of our data. We also want to share our privacy policies for you to read carefully before navigating our website further.

We make sure that our terms and conditions are up-to-date which is why we highly suggest all viewers to allow time to read our privacy policies to learn more about our advocacy when it comes to Kratom.

For further concerns about Kratom, you can definitely reach out to us through our “Contact Us” page, and we’ll get back to you the soonest possible time.

Determining The Content That We Provide to Viewers

We at The Kratom Mag are happy to give all our new and existing users the authority to read our blog contents from our website, and we also give the authority to our viewers to download a copy of our blog contents as long as these are for personal use only. We strictly don’t permit the use of our blog content for commercial use, and we hope you’ll support this.

As we have mentioned in our web site’s privacy concerns, the copyright notice is stated on all our website content. We strictly don’t permit sharing any information from our content to other Kratom websites. Our team manages to maintain reliable content; hence, our content must only be used for user’s information.

We reserve every copyright law under the United States and also under foreign laws. Should there be any violators in our policies, we will certainly remove their consent to use our website as their source. We’ll also have all used material copies and shared content immediately removed.

Keeping Content Out of Children’s Reach and Privacy

Kratom is a very beneficial herb and as it has been widely used as an alternative medicine for certain conditions. As we highly suggest it to people under the right age, we would like to share with everyone some good words about Kratom.

However, as children nowadays are getting more knowledgeable in exploring the internet, there’s a chance that they may access some Kratom-related websites. We are dedicated to shielding the privacy of the children on our website. We are evidently stating that we are not deciding and sharing our website to draw young viewers who are under 13 years of age. We want to set a good example, not just a good Kratom source, and targeting children to boost our viewers is definitely not our intention.

In addition, our website is not asking anything personal from our users just to prove that they are not under-aged to view our website. We are protecting our user’s personal information; therefore, we recommend our viewers to set the security of their internet browser’s settings to prevent children from accessing our website.

Our team respects every child’s privacy. As a responsible team, we are giving users a heads-up on what to do in order to prevent our website from reaching under-aged viewers.

We Don’t Give Medical Advice, We Give Guidance to Viewers

We are upholding a reliable and convenient website to continuously cater to all the needs of our viewers, especially crucial information about the super herb, Kratom. We make sure that all Kratom blog articles are steadfast to avoid putting any of our viewer’s health at risk.

We want to keep every new and existing viewer well-educated when it comes to using Kratom. Therefore, our team thoroughly reviews every article being posted on our website. We also provide unbiased Kratom brand and vendor reviews for the reference of our viewers as they decide which among various choices in the market are best purchased. These topics are our main concern to share further knowledge about Kratom.

As a team, we want to be clear to all our viewers that the articles we share are not considered as medical advice. These articles serve as our guide to every user who wants to know more about the herb. Our contents are based on reliable reviews from existing Kratom users who want to share their thoughts about using it as alternative medicine.

We want to clarify to all our viewers that we are not from a medical team. Should there be any cases that you also want to use Kratom as your medical aid, we certainly recommend you to seek advice first from your physician. You can also seek advice from any health experts just to make sure nothing is compromised when you consume Kratom.

We are here to give you enough knowledge as you use the super herb, but we certainly don’t recommend our content for medical use. For any medical emergencies, please don’t hesitate to seek help without using our website content as the basis for treatment.

Everything you see on our website is all about the effects and usage of Kratom. We may feature some helpful tips and other topics that concern Kratom, but all published articles are not based on doctors’ consultation. We base our articles from Kratom users who share their experiences as they use the herb.

We and our website will not be held responsible for undesirable effects on any of our user’s health if our website contents are used for medical purposes.

These are our crucial privacy policies which we need you to understand carefully. We are looking forward to your cooperation for a better understanding of what we aim to provide to our viewers and the scope of our responsibilities.