Medicine Man Green Malay Kratom’s Benefits and Effects

Medicine Man Green Malay Kratom’s Benefits and Effects

The Green Malay kratom strain is famous in its country of origin for the various natural health benefits that it has offered for centuries. Just recently, it has gained popularity in different countries because of its potent effects. In connection to that, kratom users called this strain the “Super Green Malay.”

A lot of individuals prefer this strain than other stronger variants like the Maeng Da. Aside from being cheaper than the other kratom strains, its effects also last longer. However, users debate about this comparison until today as some people believe that Maeng Da is still better than Green Malay.

Regardless of what strain you choose, it is still an excellent choice. Green Malay has proven that it is a terrific strain as it closely battles with the famous Maeng Da when it comes to benefits and functions. To know more about it, here are the Medicine Man Green Malay Kratom’s benefits and effects and other facts about it.

What Are the Green Malay Kratom Leaves?

Medicine Man Green Malay Kratom’s Benefits and Effects

Green Malay kratom leaves are also popularly known as “keetum” in Malaysia and have the same functions as mu-opioids like morphine. This strain can give you chronic pain relief and can help you with osteoporosis, muscle pain, back pain, and migraine. Each of these Green Malay kratom leaves contains naturally developed alkaloid named “mitragynine.”

The leaves have an oval shape and can easily be identified because it has a dark green color. The veins of this kratom leaves have a green color, but sometimes the veins can be lightly white or red. The strongest among this strain is the green-white combination.

Green Malay has an abundant content of mitragynine, which can boost your immune system, function as an antioxidant, and provide strength to your damaged cells. Moreover, this strain is also becoming popular as an effective natural supplement for individuals who have cancer. Patients who have used this alongside chemotherapy get favorable results.

Because of that idea of using this strain as medicine, many people have used this in Malaysia, and it has received a lot of positive comments and feedbacks for its effectiveness and benefits. The alkaloids that are present in the Medicine Man Green Malay Kratom can keep your hormones balance, improve your health, and boost your mood.

Leaves of this plant are usually used in powder form or made into capsules. Bigger Green Malay leaves have a higher content of alkaloids compared to smaller ones.

Medicine Man Green Malay Kratom Versus Other Kratom Strains

All kratom strains are beneficial, but the green variants, specifically the Green Malay strain stands out from the rest because of its sustainability and potency. It has a mild stimulating effect. It can also increase your energy and strength without making you feel numb or feel the analgesic effect that other kratom strains have.

It has a highly concentrated alkaloid content that gives its users relief from pain while giving you an energy boost. The effects of this strain can be beneficial for people who are working in jobs that require a lot of energy. It can give them constant and steady energy that can make them last through a day’s job while giving them relief from the pain that they get from their strenuous job.

Another thing that makes this strain different from other strains is it has non-simultaneous effects. After taking kratom through eating or drinking, you can already feel its effects after a few minutes. You will immediately feel energized, motivated, and relieved.

This kratom stands out because of that factor, which is its gradual effects. Individuals who have tried this strain claim that they felt its pain-relieving effect after an hour of taking it. After that, they will start to feel a boost in their mood and energy.

Users also added that the effect does not fade altogether but gradually. It means that the effects fade one after the other, which is unique for a kratom strain.

What Are Green Malay’s Benefits and Side Effects?

The Green Malay gained popularity because of its potency and the number of its advantages. Here are the benefits of this strain:

  • Euphoric effect
  • Enhanced motivation
  • Increased motor and sensory function
  • Pain relief
  • Positive mood enhancement
  • Increased energy

However, if you take an excessive amount of this strain, you may feel the following side effects:

  • Hyperactivity
  • Excessive sweating and itchiness
  • Dizziness or nausea
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Jitters

Medicine Man Green Malay kratom strain has a lot of beneficial effects on your body if taken in the right amount. Make sure to determine the correct dosage that is suitable for you before taking kratom.

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