Kratom Strain Guide: What are the Benefits of Borneo Kratom?

Kratom Strain Guide: What are the Benefits of Borneo Kratom?

Kratom is a product that is famous for its addiction treating, euphoric, and pain killing properties. Only a few kratom strains can provide these medicinal benefits of kratom better than the Borneo kratom strain.

As of today, Borneo is considered to be the world’s biggest kratom exporter. One of the causes for this is because Borneo has the perfect climate for producing high-quality kratom. If you have tried a kratom strain from this region, then you will surely agree in the previous sentence.

A Short Introduction About Borneo Kratom

Kratom Strain Guide: What are the Benefits of Borneo Kratom?

People often have a misconception when they hear the place Borneo as they always imagine it as a small and sparse island. It is the exact opposite as this region has 287,000 square miles of land area. Humid tropical jungles occupy a significant portion of it.

Since the island has a vast size, the region experiences varying weather conditions and climates. As a result, Borneo can produce diverse kratom strains, unlike other areas.

People in this region have been using kratom as a medicine for thousands of years. However, today, the demand has dramatically increased due to huge orders coming from the west.

The competition increased, and kratom farmers went the extra mile to produce the best quality of kratom strain possible.

Almost all kratom on this island is wildcrafted. Farmers still harvest kratom leaves from mature trees in the wild.

Borneo kratom strains can differ depending on the type and region that it was grown. Still, all Borneo strains share various characteristics which make them a hugely demanded strain worldwide.

What Are the Effects and Uses of the Borneo strain?

Borneo strain is considered to be one of the most sedating kratom strains because it has a high level of alkaloid 7-hydroxymitragynine.

This alkaloid is the same alkaloid that is responsible for the medical benefits of this strain like temporary depression relief, insomnia relief, stress and anxiety relief, mood improvement, addiction treatment, and pain relief.

  • Pain Relief

According to people who have tried Borneo strains, the most remarkable effect that they have noticed is it can relieve pain. The red vein Borneo strain is the most effective in pain relief and has higher pain relieving characteristics than other strains like Malays, Riaus, and Thais.

If your goal in taking kratom is to relieve pain, then Indos and Borneos are the suitable options for you. These two strains may be closely similar, but Borneos have more anxiety-relieving and sedating effects compared to Indos.

Moreover, Borneo strains also have lesser side effects, like wobbles which tend to last a bit longer than average in Indo strains.

  • Addiction Treatment

Many kratom strains can help you when you are trying to withdraw from opiates, but Borneos are considered to be one of the favorites.

Some people tried Maeng Da in treating opiate addiction but later on, realized that it was too stimulating especially during withdrawal.

In connection to that, the Maeng Da strain should be used in weaning off and breaking a stimulant addiction.

Since Borneo strains have a high level of 7-OHM, it can be beneficial for you if you want to fight addiction withdrawal symptoms, anxiety, and stress effectively.

Moreover, you will not suffer from any side effects even at higher dosages. A lot of individuals have used Borneo strains for those purposes, and just like pain relief, the most effective is the red vein Borneo strain.

  • Anxiety and Stress Relief

This strain can fight anxiety and stress better than any other kratom strains. The credit goes to the unique alkaloid profile of this strain which makes it very useful for this purpose.

Some people even find this kratom strain similarly useful as benzodiazepines minus the horrible side effects like lack of coordination, brain fog, memory loss, etc.

According to kratom users, the most effective type is the green vein borneos. However, there are no studies that support this claim.

  • Insomnia

This strain is excellent for treating insomnia as it is excellent for anxiety and stress relief, and it is because of the same reason. Any Borneo kratom strains are very useful in treating insomnia except the white veins strain.

You may even get interesting dreams when you use this strain.

Borneo kratom strains have different benefits that only they can offer. If you want to enjoy the medicinal benefits of kratom, then you should give this strain a try.

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