Ending the Hunt for the Best Kratom Strain for Opiate Withdrawal

Ending the Hunt for the Best Kratom Strain for Opiate Withdrawal

A lot of people are searching for the best kratom strain for opiate withdrawal because several studies affirm that the abrupt alteration of opioid intake can mean death.

To help you find the best kratom to finally walk away from opiate, read the following information.

Finding the Best Kratom Strain for Opiate Withdrawal

The reason why people can’t stop using illegal drugs is that they are afraid of the drug withdrawal’s adverse effects. Fortunately, experts found out that kratom can be used as a safe substance to avoid any side effects of withdrawal from drugs.

The following are the strains that are considered prime in managing opiate drug withdrawal.

  • Bali Blend (Bali Red Vein and 8x Extract). Bali Blend kratom is an effective analgesic for all chronic body pain. Like other strains of kratom, this strain has a sedative property that is good for making a drug user feel tranquil. The Bali Blend also induces sleep, thus helping people suffering from insomnia during drug withdrawal.
  • Maeng Da Mingle (Maeng Da with 8x Extract). When someone takes an opioid for a long time, he or she will likely experience over fatigue or depression. The said effects are reactions of the body when it gets used to the regular dose of intake. That is why drug users need to jack up the drug dose to let the body experience a new hype and settle to new drug dosage.

To stop the urge of getting a higher dose over time, the user must have to take Maeng Da Mingle. This breed of kratom is known to provide overwhelming energy that will be a great help for opiate users in the course of their attempt to withdraw from opiates.

  • Sumatra Red Vein Powder. Too much craving for drugs is one of the top battles that opiate users need to win. Now, if you want to fight the craving for euphoric drugs, you can take Sumatra Red Vein Powder.
  • Green Thai Powder. Another adverse effect of the long-time intake of opioids is sexual dysfunction or sudden libido drop. If you also want to withdraw from taking the said type of drug, you will also encounter the same problem. But fortunately, the Green Thai Powder is an expert in managing this problem.

The Green Thai is widely known to induce sexual urge and also provides an energy boost. Also, this will unleash a euphoric effect to the user that will keep the sex drive alive.

And you have to take note; this strain is the best pick because it will provide the said beneficial effects on your body for eight hours straight.

  • Malay Kratom (Green Malay with 8x Extract). This breed of kratom is popular for producing extreme positive benefits. If you take a lower dose of this strain, you will get into a euphoric state. Now, if you take the Malay Kratom in a higher dosage, you will experience a rejuvenation of the mind and any chronic pain will be treated.

The Malay Kratom is a good strain for opiate withdrawal since it will make the mind calm without the risk of getting overdose in the long run. Even if the user feels uncomfortable in the first weeks of withdrawal, it will not lead to any worst outcome because the user still has a sound mind.

These are some of the leading strains used for opiate withdrawal; you have to select what is best for your attempt to cut the use of an opiate.

Recommended Kratom Dosage for Opiate Withdrawal

While there are lots of available strains for managing the adverse effects of opiate withdrawal, you cannot just start the intake without knowing first the recommended dosage.

  • Low Dose. If you take kratom in a low dosage, expect that the strain will cover your brain’s delta opioid receptor that is known to handle brain distress or brain disorders.
  • High Dose. When you want to trigger the mu receptors of your brain, you must take a kratom in a high dose. High dosage of kratom for managing withdrawal is from three to seven grams. When you take a kratom this much, expect a sudden energy boost, and it will also enhance your mood.

There’s no fix recommended dose in taking kratom for opiate withdrawal, but experts suggest that to avoid miscalculation, starting from an extremely low dose is a safe move for users. The user must gradually increase the dose of kratom depending on the body’s reaction or reception. Kratom experts also pointed out that every individual has a distinct level of kratom tolerance, so the efficiency is more of a subjective thing.

Opiate Withdrawal Symptoms That Users Need to Endure

  • Anxiousness and irritability
  • Depression
  • Decreased appetite
  • Insomnia or difficulty falling asleep
  • Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea
  • Generalized muscle aches and pain
  • Fatigue and weakness

Review of the Long-Term Kratom Intervention for Opioid Addiction

Ending the Hunt for the Best Kratom Strain for Opiate Withdrawal

Based on several online reviews and scientific studies, taking kratom for a long time is more effective than taking a synthetic drug. Medical professionals have used Suboxone or Subutex to manage addiction for a long time, but there were a lot of cases of intolerance by patients. But when they used kratom as the primary substance for managing addiction, they found out that this plant produced greater efficiency without the risks of getting an overdose.

If you are convinced of the power of kratom in treating opiate addiction, you must also know if the use of kratom is legal in your place.

States and Their Stance on Selling and Using Kratom

  • Alabama. The use of kratom in this state is banned since 2016.
  • Arkansas. On February 2016, kratom is considered a controlled substance in this place. Recently, the authorities have banned kratom completely.
  • California. Kratom is only prohibited in the San Diego area.
  • Florida. The use of kratom is illegal only in Sarasota County.

This information is proof that it is not too late to spare you from the risks of opiate addiction. Just always remember, there is still the best kratom strain for opiate withdrawal.

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