Your Online Code of Kratom Capsule Dosage

Your Online Code of Kratom Capsule Dosage

There are a lot of ways to take kratom. You can find different methods on the internet. But, another popular approach is to drink it using capsules.

The use of capsule to drink kratom has its advantages and disadvantages. One major disadvantage is that it is tedious to pack manually pack kratom powder in every capsule. A significant advantage is that you don’t get to suffer its unpleasant taste.

Thus, welcome to your Code of Kratom Capsules Dosage which will include a kratom capsule dosage chart for illustrative purposes. In this article, you will see different dosage levels from beginner’s level to expert level. It may sound like a game, but it’s not.

Starting With the Basics

Everyone has their dosage when it comes to drug consumption. There are several factors that affect the level of dosage necessary for a person to meet the desired effects. The factors are:

  • The user

Basically, you. Your weight and tolerance will be put into consideration. When you’ve been using kratom from quite some time, your tolerance level might increase.

  • The strength of the kratom strain you will use

There are different kratom strains with different strengths. The strength partially depends on the strain and partially depends on the dosage. But to ensure it, choose the strain that gives the feeling you’re looking for.

  • The desired effect you’re looking for

In choosing the right kratom strain, you also need to know what effect you’re looking for. For example, you want a calming and relaxing effect. Thus, find the strain that will give you that effect.

Aside from that, if you’re looking for an energy boost, find the right strain and drink it in the right dosage.

  • Your level of hunger

The level of the emptiness of your stomach affects the desired effect you’re looking for. An empty stomach is when you have no meals for three hours. When you’re stomach is empty, kratom will take effect faster compared to having a full stomach.

The Kratom Capsule Dosage Chart

Your Online Code of Kratom Capsule Dosage

Capsules have different sizes. As you can see above, these sizes are labeled as numbers. Moreover, choosing the size of the capsule is essential to dosage and effect you want to achieve.

The biggest capsule is the 000 capsule. It can fill up to 1,000 mg of kratom. If you are a beginner, 1,000 mg or one gram of kratom is recommended. A 00 capsule can fill up to 735 mg of kratom powder.

A 0 capsule fills up half of the 000 capsule or approximately 500 mg of kratom powder. The length of a 000 capsule is 22.2 millimeters or 2.22 centimeters. Thus, capsules become smaller and easier to swallow if you troubles in drinking substances using capsules.

A 1 capsule size can fill up to 400 mg, and a three capsule size can fill up 200 mg. Knowing the volume of the capsules is important because you want to know how many capsules you will take to achieve a certain dose.

Your Capsule Intake

Your capsule intake will depend on the dosage of kratom powder that you want to take. At the least, one milligram of kratom is a starter’s dosage. However, the longer you use kratom, the higher your tolerance level increases.

Thus, you’ll find yourself drinking more than one capsule as time passes by. Below are bullet points for the number of capsules you should take depending on the effect you’d like to achieve.

  • Starter’s Dosage

This is the minimum dosage in order for you to feel the euphoric effect of kratom. A starter’s dosage may range from 1mg to 2mg. That would mean that you’ll drink one to two kratom capsules at size 000.

  • Regular Dosage

The regular dosage will bring mild euphoric effects, and it may range from 2 mg to 3 mg. This dose will give you the euphoric effect of kratom. Thus, you will have to drink two to three kratom capsules at size 000.

  • Pain Relief Dosage

One thing about kratom is that it is also a pain reliever. Drink 3 mg to 4 mg which would be three to four kratom capsules at size 000.

  • Expert Dosage

It may be for severe pain or just for recreation, but a 5 mg to 8 mg dosage is for experts only. Drink five to eight kratom capsules at size 000.

If you’re having a hard time swallowing a size 000 capsule, you can choose smaller capsules, but you’ll be drinking more capsules to get the right dosage. Amid all these technicalities, always be careful and don’t overdose yourself. Your safety should be a priority.

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