Why the Yellow Vietnam Kratom Is the Gold Standard of Strains

Why the Yellow Vietnam Kratom Is the Gold Standard of Strains

While several Kratom strains have been known to originate from the Indonesian or Thai regions of Southeast Asia, the capabilities of Vietnamese Kratom to produce quality Kratom plants for export has begun to be explored.

Among the types of Vietnamese Kratom strains grown in the southwestern region of the country, the yellow Vietnam Kratom is fast becoming one of the more popular strains among users from both Asian and Western countries.

Why Is This Strain Yellow in the First Place?

While green, white, and red vein strains grow across the different regions of Borneo, this particular strain produces gold or yellowish veins. The dehydration of the leaves also results in an altered state of alkaloids, making this variant a bit different from other Kratom types.

The location of the yellow Vietnam Kratom could also be responsible for this strain’s unique quality. The area near the Mekong River where the Kratom plants grow is exposed to fertile land, abundant minerals, and steady water flow, ultimately benefitting the outcome of the plants.

To be more specific, the yellow Vietnam Kratom contains about 25% more alkaloids. The more alkaloids present in a strain, the more potent it is in mood altering and stimulation. This percentage makes the yellow Vietnam Kratom a cut above the rest.

What Will the Yellow Vietnam Kratom Do to Me?

Different strains have a variety of benefits and effects, so you should consider exactly what kind of remedy you are looking for when choosing the type of Kratom you want to consume. Here are some of the effects of the yellow Vietnam Kratom:

  •    Pain relief minus the sedation. If you want to experience a pain reliever that won’t make you fall asleep, then the yellow Vietnam Kratom is for you. Other strains can provide a more sedative effect when taken, which is okay if this is what you’re looking for; however, if you’d like to continue being productive while relieving pain, you should consider the yellow Vietnam Kratom.
  •    A positive yet calm mood. If you are looking for a mood-lifter that will not necessarily stimulate your energy too much, you can enjoy an elevated mood balanced by a state of calm with the yellow Vietnam Kratom. Think of it as being in a “steadier” happy state.
  •    Visual and mental clarity. You will be able to appreciate a clearer visual perception as well as a more focused mental state as a result of taking the yellow Vietnam Kratom. This makes it ideal if you would like to concentrate on work or a project and may have trouble with procrastinating.
  •    A seamless balance of physical and mental relaxation. While most strains have their respective benefits, the yellow Vietnam Kratom gives an ideal combination of relief and calm for both the body and mind. You may not get this balance from other Kratom strains and will usually have to choose one type to relieve you either physically or mentally.

How Much Yellow Vietnam Kratom Should I Take?

Why the Yellow Vietnam Kratom Is the Gold Standard of Strains1

The recommended dosage for a first-time Kratom user is about 2.0 or 3.0 grams. It is more suitable if you begin with a lower dosage and work your way up to see how the yellow Vietnam Kratom will affect you. Typically, you can wait for about ten minutes or more to assess if you would like to increase your dosage.

It would be better, however, if you stick to the lowest dosage initially and see if it works for you. If you feel that an increased dosage is necessary, you can add 2.0 grams to your intake. Eventually, if you think that you can tolerate a higher dosage, you can opt to increase this to 3.0 to 6.0 grams at most.

Unlike other strains that you can take on an empty stomach, it would be better to take the yellow Vietnam Kratom after a meal. The potency of the product may be too much for your stomach and may cause an unpleasant discomfort.

Overall, make sure you are prepared for the possible effects of the yellow Vietnam Kratom. Consult a health professional in case you are also taking other medications or if this product may cause complications on your health condition. It is always advisable to be certain that what you are taking comes from a reputable source, to ensure you are safe and protected.

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