Guides to Learn the Best Way to Take Kratom Products

Guides to Learn the Best Way to Take Kratom Products

Learning the best way to take kratom is important if you want to experience all the positive effects. Also, taking a kratom product in the best possible way means you are not wasting money.

If you want to find out the best way to use kratom, you need to consider two things: dosage and intake.

Read the following recommendations to know the appropriate dosage for you.

Best way to Take Kratom: Know the Appropriate Dosage First

  • Starting Safe. If you are a newbie in kratom, you must start your intake at 2-3 grams. If you don’t feel any significant change in your body, increase the dose after 20 minutes.
  • High Hits. If you search some of the recommended kratom doses online, you will find suggestions to start in 5 grams a day. This dosage is deemed to induce noticeable lift to your mind and body. However, newbies in kratom are advised not to heed this suggestion for taking kratom in a high dose entails so much risk.

After knowing the recommended dosages, you can now check the different ways of kratom intake.

Methods of Taking Kratom Products for Newbies and Pro

Guides to Learn the Best Way to Take Kratom Products

  • Tea. This is a popular method of taking a kratom powder. You just mix the kratom with potable water and let the mixture boil for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, filter the liquid to remove any residue.

According to some online reviews, taking a kratom through tea yields a consistent effect. However, some of the users raised the concern that making a kratom tea entails a longer time to prepare.

  • Toss n’ Wash. This is deemed as the simplest way to take kratom. You just need to determine the appropriate dosage and then place it inside your mouth. Then, follow it up with a glass of water to drive the kratom inside your system.
  • Yogurt. One creative way to consume a kratom is by combining it with your favorite yogurt. The advantage of taking a kratom with yogurt is that the not-so-favorable taste of kratom will be concealed.

The only disadvantage of this method is that it will prolong the onset of the effects of the kratom. Remember, kratom is best taken in an empty stomach. If you take kratom with other substances, that will affect the speed of the kratom’s effects.

  • Mix with Protein Shake. Based on reviews, a lot of people are also taking kratom when mixed with their favorite protein shake. While it is true that the kratom will taste far way better, you can also expect a delay of its effects to the body. Also, you will gain additional calories when you construe this method.
  • Capsule. The most convenient way to take kratom is through a capsule. Almost all kratom suppliers offer their own kratom capsule. You just have to select your preferred vendor.

Since you already know the different ways of taking kratom, the next thing you must do is to find reliable suppliers. Read here to find the legit.

Top Online Suppliers of Premium Kratom Products

  • This is a Florida-based supplier, so there’s no doubt in its integrity. Florida is known to implement strict quality control over all kratom products. Also, selling and using kratom in Florida is legal so this portal will provide all that you want.
  • If you want to buy the best kratom capsule in the US, you must order in This company established its reputation for providing premium first-class kratom capsules sourced directly from Southeast Asia.
  • Despite being new in the kratom business, the is thought to offer the best kratom strain today. From the get-go, this company immediately premiered a total of 8 kratom varieties.

The’s website is also one of the aces regarding providing transparent information to its clients. All of their products are posted with pertinent reviews and details.

  • KrakenKratom.Com. This is also a newbie in kratom business. Despite being new to selling kratom, this company already hooked a lot of clients. The main reason why this company is a hit is that it offers a wide variety of kratom strains.

These are the information that you must know to learn the best way to take kratom.

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