Does GNC Sell Kratom on a Discount, Wholesale Price?

Does GNC Sell Kratom on a Discount, Wholesale Price?

Does GNC sell kratom on a discount? Many kratom users ask this question a lot. Because of the reputation and authority of this retail store, GNC has become a well-known nutrition center.

With the many branches of GNC in the US, it’s by far the most successful nutrition company.

What is GNC?

GNC (General Nutrition Center) is a retail company, selling herbal supplements, dietary pills, vitamin, and other nutritional products. These products aim to create and maintain a healthy body by taking dietary supplements.

The Answer

Unfortunately, GNC does not sell kratom whether it’s a discounted wholesale purchase or not. Despite the claims of many users, clinical research and studies are rare to back up the medicinal benefits.

Many nutrition companies hesitate to sell kratom because of lack of concrete evidence and extensive research on kratom.

Another reason GNC does not sell kratom is the campaign of DEA and FDA against kratom. A couple of years ago, these agencies issued a warning against the use of kratom.

Since then, the DEA and FDA are adamant in its campaign. These agencies send out warning letters to kratom vendors. These agencies are requesting them to stop advertising kratom as a treatment of opiate withdrawal symptom.

Alternatives: Where to Buy Kratom

You can buy kratom from online vendors, head shops and gas stations. However, the best vendors are selling kratom online.

A head shop could be a good alternative if you’re in a hurry to buy kratom. However, the quality of kratom is inferior. Some vendors from these shops often don’t know anything about kratom.

Why Buy Online

Buying online has a lot of advantages and a few disadvantages.


  • Superior quality of products
  • Many selections of kratom strains
  • Vendors are knowledgeable of kratom
  • Easy and discreet


  • Limitations on shipping and delivery due to legality issues
  • More expensive (but shouldn’t be an issue if you’re looking for quality)

Rewards System

Aside from these advantages, some vendors offer reward points for loyal customers. You can use these points to save money on your future purchases.

Unfortunately, not all vendors use this strategy to keep loyal customers.

Free Samples

Does GNC Sell Kratom on a Discount, Wholesale Price?

Another good reason to buy online is the chance to try other strains without paying for them. Yes, you heard it right.

Some vendors send out free samples to loyal customers. Sending out samples is a marketing strategy of online vendors to entice customers.

This strategy helps vendors to ascertain the effectiveness of a particular strain. Often, these samples are an enhanced version of a strain or are new additions to their product line.

If you aren’t sure whether to buy from a particular vendor, you can always try out free samples. Free sample for first-time buyers is available in almost all kratom vendors.

However, you’ll have to pay for the shipping cost. A free sample often includes as high as 20 grams of a single strain. Other vendors include four strains with 5 grams for each strain.

The cost of free samples ranges from a dollar to $10. The most popular strain as a free sample is the green variety, either the Maeng Da or Malay.

Some vendors offer red or white veined varieties, especially if they are disposing of their stocks so they can import fresh

Free Shipping

Some vendors offer free shipping promos for qualified purchases. Most of the times, the minimum purchase is around $25 to $30.

These promos are available to US residents. Sometimes, higher purchase amounts are required for free shipping on international customers. Check out the terms before clicking the checkout option to ensure your purchase is eligible for free shipping.

Discreet Buying

Another advantage of online buying from kratom vendors is anonymity. Some vendors offer guest check out.

Guest check out allows you to purchase without giving out detailed information about your identity. Often, this kind of checkout option requires prepayment of items.

Some vendors are serious about protecting their customer’s identity and reputation. These vendors don’t place any description on the package. They make sure that the delivery package is tightly sealed.

Test Results of Kratom Products

Reputable vendors often test their kratom products before packing these products into individual packages. These test results guarantee a quality product free of contamination and pesticides.

Furthermore, these test results assure customers that the powder comes from pure organic ingredients.

Final Thoughts

The question “does GNC sell kratom” is no. This nutrition company sells products that have extensive clinical studies to back up claims of medicinal benefits. Kratom doesn’t have that many studies associated with it.

As of now, you can only rely on what others have to say about the product and on limited studies conducted.

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