Can You Still Buy Kratom in the Continental U.S.

Can You Still Buy Kratom in the Continental U.S.

Can you still buy kratom in the continental U.S.? Long-time kratom users often ask this question. Since the DEA’s decision on kratom’s legality, kratom users worry that their primary source of natural painkillers becomes illegal.

Fortunately, only six states banned the use of kratom since 2016. These states are Wisconsin, Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, and Indiana.

Three towns in different states prohibit kratom. These places are:

  • San Diego, California
  • Sarasota County, Florida
  • Jerseyville, Illinois.

Except in these states and town, you can buy kratom without being arrested. But, where can you purchase kratom?

Places to Buy Kratom

 Can You Still Buy Kratom in the Continental U.S.

You can buy kratom through online vendors or local stores. Most kratom users opt for online vendors because of convenience and discretion. Some users prefer to buy from local stores due to the same reasons.

Which one should you choose?

Online Vendors

There are two kinds of online vendors. These vendors are ethnobotanicals and kratom specific websites.

Ethnobotanicals offer a variety of products. These products may include other herbal supplements and kratom. Kratom specific websites sell kratom only.

Either way, these vendors are the best places to buy kratom. They know their products. Their knowledge is extensive when it comes to kratom usage, dosage, benefits, and side effects.

Benefits of Buying from Online Vendors
  • Affordable price
  • Variety
  • Convenience
  • Quality
  • Bulk purchase and discounts

The prices of these vendors are significantly more affordable than the local stores near your area. These online vendors sell kratom in bulk for retailers. Qualified customers receive discounts.

Quality is a priority for these vendors. These vendors acquire a certificate of analysis. This analysis certifies that their kratom products are negative of Salmonella.

The good thing about these vendors is the availability of strains. Every day, their second priority is to introduce new strains, stronger and more potent than the older versions.

List of Reputable Kratom Vendors
  • Happy Hippo Herbal
  • Coastline Kratom

These vendors offer sample packs that you can try before bulk buying. Some provide discounts for repeat customers. Other vendors give away samples of different strains if you’ve been a patron to them.

Finding these vendors on the Internet is easy. Just input the site name, and you’ll get thousands of search results. You can do your research before spending money.

All of these vendors offer a money back guarantee. You can also follow some forum discussions to know more of these online vendors. You’d be surprised to learn that there’s an active community of kratom users.

Finding Local Kratom Stores

Unlike online vendors, local stores are quite tricky to find. You’ll have to do a manual search by visiting shops near your place.

Head shops are the most common local stores where you can find kratom. The packaging is often shiny. Names such as Captain Kratom are common.

Be careful in buying in head shops. Some kratom powders are inferior in quality. A few can be contaminated.

The kratom effects may not also be what you might expect from these smoke shops. Furthermore, don’t expect owners to answer your queries about the herb. Most of them don’t know a thing about kratom.

You can also check out gas stations. Since kratom is legal in most states, some gas stations sell it for their patrons. You can also use site directories to find a local kratom store.

Other methods are to use your kratom locator, to ask referrals from friends and to visit the yellow pages.

Individual sellers through a buy-and-sell site could also be a good option. However, beware of scammers. If you can’t find any local stores selling kratom, you can always try the online vendors.

Can you still buy kratom in local supermarts?

Unfortunately, you can’t buy from these stores. Due to the DEA’s constant advocacy of making kratom an illegal substance, these stores have opted to remove kratom products from their shelves.


With the rise of kratom awareness is the growing suspicion of the federal government about the possibility of abuse. Despite the many benefits reported, some states ban the use of kratom.

While kratom is legal in most states, local kratom stores are sparse. Most often, kratom users resort to online vendors.

After a decade, the number of online vendors has increased. Over the years, the price of kratom decreased but the quality remained. Whichever you choose, always opt for reputable vendors.

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