Can I Buy Kratom At GNC? Does It Cater to Your Kratom Needs?

Can I Buy Kratom At GNC? Does It Cater to Your Kratom Needs?

Kratom’s popularity is due to consumer’s quest for better medicinal alternatives. People are becoming more conscious of the many adverse side effects that pharmaceutical drugs cause.

Numerous medical conditions are prevalent in modern society. Some of these are stress, depression, and chronic pain. These may be directly and indirectly caused by the daily struggles you go through to keep up with the demand

Kratom advocates have sworn by the herb’s effectiveness in alleviating pain, calming the nerves, and boosting your energy.

Due to kratom’s popularity as alternative medicine and an herbal supplement, entrepreneurs have recognized it as a marketable product. As a result, there are already plenty of kratom vendors who cater to the kratom users’ needs.

Kratom stores usually offer a wide array of products like kratom capsules, kratom powder, kratom leaves, and kratom extracts.  So, the question you might now have is, “Can I buy kratom at GNC?”

Kratom Products at Your Local GNC

Can I Buy Kratom At GNC? Does It Cater to Your Kratom Needs?

The Food and Drug Administration has been warning the public against the use of products that contain kratom, and on the year 2016, the Drug Enforcement Agency has classified it as a substance under Schedule 1.

When a substance is classified under Schedule 1, you are committing a crime when you acquire, consume, or sell it.

Fortunately, kratom users have campaigned about the herb’s effectiveness and safety and fought against the DEA’s ruling. Surprisingly, the agency reversed their decision just days after their announcement.

When you usually go to GNC for your health supplement supply, and you are a kratom consumer, you will naturally ask, “can I buy kratom at GNC?” Sadly, the answer would be no.

Currently, big companies are still a little hesitant in selling the supplement. One of these companies is General Nutrition Centers (GNC).

It does not carry kratom products in consideration of DEA’s concerns on the different effects that the herb might cause to one’s body.

GNC is a well-known nutrition and health company that sells herbs, supplements, vitamins, sports nutrition products and the like. It opened in mid-1930’s by its founder David Shakarian.  Ares Management and the Ontario Teacher’s Pension Plan eventually bought and currently own the company.

Other Health Companies Still Reluctant to Sell Kratom

Even if kratom’s legality and classification is still under study, GNC still has not included it in the selection of their various products, and the same goes for other mainstream store chains.

One thing is for sure, when you Google “kratom near me,” your local GNC stores will definitely not show up on the list of places you can visit to purchase your supply of kratom products.

However, GNC is not the only big name on the list of big companies that do not carry kratom. It’s not also available at Walmarts, and there is no kratom at CVS Pharmacy (Customer Value Store). These are the stores that you usually frequent when you want to buy your health supplements.

There are a lot of reasons why these companies choose not to sell kratom. One of the main reasons is the herb’s ambiguous legal status. While there may be numerous users who claim that kratom is effective and safe, large companies are playing it safe by not selling it at all.

In What States Are Kratom Prohibited?

Several states in the U.S. have declared the herb illegal. This adds confusion to kratom’s legality and why companies like GNC refuse to sell them.

Here is a list of the states, or at least specific counties or towns, where kratom is currently under particular restrictions or absolutely banned:

  • Alabama:  banned to the state’s classification of the herb as a controlled substance under Schedule I
  • Arkansas: prohibited to the state’s classification of the herb as a controlled substance
  • California: banned in San Diego only
  • Florida: banned in Sarasota County only
  • Illinois: the legal age for kratom’s consumption is 18 years old; entirely prohibited in Jerseyville
  • Indiana: classified as a synthetic drug
  • New Hampshire: the legal age for kratom use is 18 years old
  • Tennessee: banned to the state’s classification of the herb as a controlled substance
  • Wisconsin: banned to the state’s classification of the herb as a controlled substance under Schedule I

If you want to learn more about kratom’s legal status in your state, you can check kratom’s legality map to make sure that you are within your rights and your choice of kratom form is within the law.

Kratom’s supporters are steadfast in their advocacy for the herb’s benefits to their health. You can establish kratom’s legality in your area and if it’s not banned just search for “24-hour kratom near me” to see where you can purchase the herb 24/7.

Despite GNC and other health companies’ reluctance to carry the product, you can still have your daily dose of kratom by purchasing from a trusted kratom vendor, where the herb’s quality is certified and its effectiveness guaranteed.

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