How to Consume Kratom: Capsules, Extract, and Powder

How to Consume Kratom: Capsules, Extract, and Powder

If you are a beginner, you obviously use the search engine to look for the best ways of consuming kratom. Because there are thousands of articles talking about the topic, it can be challenging for you. The most common topics are about dosage, preparation methods, and effects.

Before achieving the best dose for you, you need to undergo a trial and error activity. This means that you need to try one strain to another at smaller doses and see for yourself. You can increase the amount later as soon as you experience the benefits and want to try more. But before anything else, you should know the different methods to consume kratom.

This is a discussion directed only to capsules, extract, and powder. These three forms are the most common according to the survey. If you are a beginner, it is wise to narrow down the choices and be well-informed on them.

Kratom in a Powder Form

If you opt for kratom in a powder form, keep in mind that it is ingested and not smoked.

#1 Toss n’ Wash Technique: Not all people are familiar with these, even the experienced users. Despite the lack of knowledge from other people. This technique is considered to be the simplest yet the fastest way of consuming the strain. This can be achieved by measuring the recommended dose. Do not forget to follow up your mouth with water before swallowing.

#2 Tea Technique: Tea may come from cold or hot. The best way of consuming kratom is in the form of hot tea, and this is achievable by boiling it for 25 minutes. Make sure to stir the powder in the liquid as it continues to boil. According to the report, some users felt better by using a tea technique due to its consistent effects.

The only downfall with this is the time of, and this is not ideal for people who are running out of time. Though it is best to be consumed with hot water, you can also have it through cold water.

#3 Add to Yogurt: Consumers recommend using this technique if you do not want to experience and taste the original taste of the powder. To achieve its effects, you have to take it while our stomach is not full.

#4 Adding Kratom to Protein Shakes: As mentioned above, the process is quite similar. The only difference is, you are Kratom powder to the shake you are making. According to the users, they experience better effects if they combine kratom powder with protein shakes.

A Kratom In a Capsule Form

If you take kratom in a capsule form, you will have a convenient life. The only drawback is the sizes you will take, and this is additional learning on your part. There is a 00 capsule size that can carry 0.5 grams.

Therefore, if your required dosage is five grams, then you have to consume at least ten capsules in order to achieve the needed effect. Kratom capsules, however, are more convenient, and this is true for people who are ready.

Kratom Powder: Does It Cause Addiction?

How to Consume Kratom: Capsules, Extract, and Powder

If you are using it reasonably, then you will never be addicted to kratom. But you should not use it every day because it is not a substitute for water. Once you use it every day, it becomes a new habit, and it would be very difficult for you to stop what you are doing.

Kratom: Is It Really Safe?

If you are buying and using a fresh Kratom powder and mix it with water, then you are on a risk getting sleepy. If you are doing some important physical activities, then this is not recommended.

This means that if you are about to drive, you should not do this. You being sleep with kratom does not alert you so it would be very dangerous. If you are pregnant, then you should not be scare with kratom because there is no research with regards to its danger. But due to the lack of research, it would be a smart move just to avoid it at all costs.

Kratom can be consumed according to your preference. All you need to do is to be sturdy with your decision and then find the right strain for you.

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