Kratom USA Review: Taking a Look at a Kratom Vendor

Kratom USA Review: Taking a Look at a Kratom Vendor

With so many Kratom vendors out there, Kratom USA markets itself to be a vendor you can turn to. They understand that people all around America want to get to try Kratom for themselves.

Few only get to enjoy what Kratom has to offer, which is why this vendor offers more than Kratom.

In this review, we’re taking a look into what Kratom USA has to offer. We’ll also see how well they give their customers their products and satisfaction. If you have ever been curious about a Kratom USA vendor before, you can read it all down below.

The Different Kinds of Kratom Products Kratom USA Offers

Kratom USA Review: Taking a Look at a Kratom Vendor 1

Like any other Kratom vendor, Kratom USA offers their Kratom in powders and capsules. Here is a list of the strains of Kratom they offer:

  • Borneo Green Vein Kratom
  • Borneo Reserve Red Kratom
  • Bali Reserve Red Kratom
  • Enhanced Malay Kratom
  • Golden Standard Kratom (Yellow Vein)
  • Maeng Da
  • Thai White
  • Black Label Kratom

If this is your first time to try out Kratom, they do offer sample packs for you to try out. They have a three powder sample pack that offers the Kratom powder products:

  • Bali Reserve
  • Borneo Reserve
  • NPP
  • Enhanced Mala
  • Gold Standard
  • Black Label

If you are not the type to use powder, there is also a sample pack that offers Kratom USA’s Kratom capsules. For this sample pack you can choose two of 24 options. There is also of six capsule extracts or two gold reserve capsules to choose from.

They also have a series of powders and capsules called the 15x. This contains some of their strongest Kratom extracts.

Kanna: Their Alternative to Kratom Capsules and Powders

Even as a vendor for Kratom, Kratom USA is well aware that not all parts of their country are open to having Kratom.

That is why they also offer powders and capsules that have Kanna in them. Kanna has alkaloids, two of the major ones being Aptenia and Mesembrine. It offers similar effects as Kratom does and is legal to cultivate within the United States.

This means that Kanna isn’t regulated under the United States Federal Law, which means you can buy Kanna as a substitute for Kratom if you live in the following states:

  • Indiana
  • Wisconsin
  • Vermont
  • Arkansas
  • Alabama
  • Tennessee

How They Brand Themselves and How They Package Their Products

The logo Kratom USA has a white plant drooping from the top of a colored square. The square is colored depending on which product it is placed on.

Each Kratom strain is color-coded according to the name each strain has. For example, Black Label Kratom will have a black-colored look and lettering. Golden Standard Kratom will have a golden color scheme.

All of their packs appear as a white sealable bag or bottle with a splash of color coming from the logo and lettering. The only products that don’t follow this packaging are their Thai White Vein and their Maeng Da. Thai White Vein’s pack is blue while Maeng Da’s pack is orange.

Although the packages look fancy, they don’t tell you any basics to what their strain do to your body. Most vendors give even a brief description on what a certain strain can offer. But, nowhere does Kratom tell you what a certain strain’s intended effects.

Their Customer Service and Fast Shipping

There are customers who say they like Kratom USA’s shipping services. Depending on which state you’re at, you can get your order after one day of waiting. The longest known waiting time for Kratom USA package to arrive would be two and a half days.

There have been accusations floating online that Kratom USA isn’t as reliable as they ought to be. Some Kratom vendor forum threads say that behavior toward customers is abysmal.

There is no concrete proof to back any of these thread’s claims. A lot of reviews left by customers do say the contrary to these forums.

Final Thoughts on This Kratom Vendor and Its Legitimacy

There have been rumors of Kratom USA being bad to customers. But there are many who can say they received positive reception from this vendor.

They have a variety of Kratom products to choose from, but they don’t explain the basics of what these strains do. They also offer Kanna as a Kratom alternative. You can always visit Kratom USA over at their website if you’re ready to try their Kratom out.

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