Extensive Review of Kwik Botanicals as Kratom Seller

Extensive Review of Kwik Botanicals as Kratom Seller

Kwik Botanicals is one of the best merchants where you can buy high-quality kratom. They are not offering just kratom products, but they are also selling teas and other herbs. In fact, it seems like they are now marketing their matcha teas more than their kratom products.

On the other hand, if you are looking for the best place or website to buy high-quality kratom, the botanicals are the best sites to go to.

The Website

Before, the brand was known as Kwik Kratom, but they changed their name to Kwik Botanicals and now offered teas and herbs other than kratom.

Their website is simple but straightforward. On the homepage, you will see some of the featured products and a button that encourages you to see all their products available.

Upon clicking the “View Products” button, you will be redirected to the homepage. As of the moment, you will never see any kratom products among their featured products.

To see all their available products, you have to click “All Products” in one of the menus on the topmost part of the website. On this page, you will see the different products available. This time, they do not have any kratom product available.

The closest that you can find is the Sumatra Black Indo tea, which is just tea. To see ‘all’ their products, you have to create an account.

Their other menus namely are “Green & Black Tea,” “Other Products,” “Wholesale.” You won’t find any kratom products. Even the only kratom product that they are selling at the moment is not included in there.

If you use the search field to find the kratom product that you are looking for, their website’s search result will not return anything.

How to Reach Them

If you have any questions, you can reach them by answering the form on their “Contact Us” page. The link to it is located at the footer of their website.

Delivery and Shipping

Extensive Review of Kwik Botanicals as Kratom Seller

They do not have the FAQ page that can answer all your questions about the delivery, shipping, and payment method. Just as what has been mentioned before, their website is simple and straightforward. You will learn this information automatically as you purchase your product.

Upon choosing which product to buy, just scroll down, and you will see how the shipping or delivery takes place. They ship via USPS or Fed-Ex. They say that there is no purchase limit and that the shipping is free.

According to some users, shipping takes place for almost four days. You will see that your product is in good packaging when it arrives because their sealant bags are durable and easy-to-open.


Most users are satisfied with the prices that the Kwik Botanicals offer. They say that the price is already great for the quality of the products that you will receive.

Their price starts at $7.99 for an ounce of tea.

What Do Users Say

They say that you will only see all their available complete products when you sign up for an account with them. If you create an account, it is the only time that you can see their kratom products.

Most users love their kratom strains because of their potency. The Kwik Botanicals offers only a few varieties of kratom products, but users loved them and gave them an above-average rating. Their products include:

The Kwik Botanicals changed its name which was Kwik Kratom before. It was 2016 when this vendor changed its name which was also the time when the DEA wanted to ban kratom. Since then, a lot has changed on their website.

Since then, you will never see their kratom products by the first glance. What you can only see on their website are typical green teas and matcha.

However, you do not have to feel disheartened. What you need to do is sign up for an account.

By signing up, you will find all the available products of Kwik Botanicals. It seems like nowadays, they are promoting their teas more because of the kratom controversy.

However, people still love their kratom products. Aside from that, people like the transparency of the transaction, the packaging, and the friendly customer service.

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