Detailed Happy Hippo Reviews for Beginners and Veteran Kratom Users

Detailed Happy Hippo Reviews for Beginners and Veteran Kratom Users

Finding the best vendor of kratom products is cumbersome whether you’re a first-time buyer or not. In these Happy Hippo reviews, discover how this vendor shines above the rest of the competition.

Quality of Product

Happy Hippo Herbals sells fresh, new and very potent kratom. Their products are of the finest and excellent quality.

This vendor tests its products and ensures that each pack delivered is free of contamination. Aside from cleanliness testing, this vendor takes extra caution in providing its product quality.

Pesticide residue testing is also part of their protocol. This protocol guarantees that their products are 100% organic.


Follow the recommended dosage as per the vendor’s instructions. When you buy kratom from Happy Hippo, make sure to read their package labels.

Users claim that the dosage that works for them isn’t the same with this vendor’s products. Most of the times, your sweet spot is a bit lower than the maximum dosage.

The key is to start low and gradually increase your dosage. Burning more than 5 grams of Happy Hippo products may produce symptoms of overdose.

Every kratom product is unique. So, don’t assume that the dosage is the same in all products especially these Happy Hippo products.


Their website isn’t as fancy as other kratom sites. Their site is quite easy to use and somewhat straightforward. However, if you compare their site to other sites selling kratom, their site leans on the clunky side.

Customer service

This vendor has excellent customer service. Customer representatives answer question fast and accurate. They deal with client complaints immediately.

To keep happy customers, they often give out free samples to qualified purchases.

Ordering and Shipping Process

Ordering is easy. Check out options allow two ways.

  • Registering an account
  • Checking out as a guest

The guest checkout is a plus point for customers who want anonymity or just trying out new vendors. If you don’t want to create an account with many vendors, try the guest checkout.

Unfortunately, if you live in these states: Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Vermont or Wisconsin, your order won’t get through.

This vendor doesn’t ship outside the US. So, if you’re an international customer (living outside the US), you might want to find another vendor.

At first, Happy Hippo has some problems with their payment facilities. They don’t have credit card payments due to legality issues.

Fortunately, this vendor gets through the legality issues and now accepts credit card payment in certain purchases. As of to date, this vendor is accepting credit card, e-check, and Bitcoin. For a 20% discount on your purchase, you may want to use Bitcoin.

Other payments include:

  • Mobile check for orders above $125.
  • Off-site credit card payment for purchases above $30.
  • Facebook payment page

Product availability

Detailed Happy Hippo Reviews for Beginners and Veteran Kratom Users

Happy Hippo Herbals sells a wide array of kratom product. Their product categories include slow, moderate and fast. This vendor has fancy names for its kratom products

The slow leaf category is generally their sedating kratom. This category includes:

  • Magic Hippo
  • Sleepy Hippo
  • Slow-Mo

The moderate type features their balanced kratom, not too sedating and not too stimulating. Samples of this category include:

  • Hero Hippo (Fusion of Maeng da/Java Green and White)
  • Electric Elephant (Malaysian Ultra Enhanced)
  •    Happy Hippo I (Super Indo Green)

This fast category is their energy boosting and stimulating kratom strain. Examples in this category include:

  • Hyper Hippo (Maeng da Green)
  • Sunshine Hippo (Gold Maeng Da)
  • Rockstar Hippon (Maeng Da white)

The lists above are just samples of what you might find in Happy Hippo Herbals. They have at least ten kratom products. Other products include Kava juice extract, phenibut, and akuamma.

Since burning kratom requires rotation to avoid tolerance, you need at least seven different kratom products. This vendor can provide your one-week supply of kratom strains.

Price of Products

Unfortunately, this site isn’t for beginners who want to save tons of money. This vendor is a bit expensive on the side. Their 1-oz pack starts at $12.

However, the price makes up for the quality of the product. Besides, this vendor gives out free grams and free samples. Most often, they over deliver their products.

If you want to save, you can inquire about their Happy Hippo bulk order. Send an inquiry through their email for their bulk prices.

Final Thoughts

These Happy Hippo reviews are helpful in making decisions. Hopefully, this comprehensive review helps you a lot.

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