Buying Kratom Online Reviews: Only Way to Land Your Business First

Buying Kratom Online Reviews: Only Way to Land Your Business First

If you are a kratom provider, you would even buy kratom online reviews just to survive in the game.

Well, buying an online review is not new to this generation, where the internet plays a significant role in placing your business first on search engines.

Core Elements to Have in Buying Kratom Online Reviews

If you are a supplier of kratom, you must only buy reviews with these contents:

  • Allow constructive and useful feedback. You must understand that kratom users around the world are your “bread and butter”. You need to always connect with them and gauge your services against their demands and satisfaction. You must only buy a review with a “heart” for the consumers.
  • Customer service. Aside from pointing out the premium grade kratoms that you have, make sure to include in your review the customer’s overall experience. From the website’s interface, tabs, links, and customer service reps, you must be on top of these.
  • Be detailed and honest. If you want to pay for an online kratom review, always emphasize honesty. A kratom review does not always contain positive feedback, and to make it appear real, you must put some not-so-good narratives as well.
  • Be friendly and civil. You must instruct your prospect review provider to include reviews that will pass the public’s scrutiny. Always remember that a review is sort of a public document. If you do not want kratom users to hate you, please delete harsh comments.
  • Proofread. The bottom line of any writing venture is the proofreading. Before you post a kratom review in your pool, please do some grammar check first. Who knows, the short time you spent on proofreading will be the reason for the million clicks.

Now, if you want to benchmark on the current leading kratom providers, you can use the following details.

Top 5 Legitimate Kratom Online Providers for 2018

Buying Kratom Online Reviews: Only Way to Land Your Business First

  • PurKratom. This supplier is based in Florida wherein the use of kratom is not considered illegal (except in Sarasota County). Users can buy authentic kratom strains sourced directly from Southeast Asia. Regarding the quality control, this vendor employs a strict process that is capable of holding the bogus breeds.
  • GAIA Ethnobotanical. Since 2017, this supplier has been maintaining its footing as one of the established providers of kratom. The company offers the fastest delivery scheme and will even allow you to return the product once it did not follow the deal.
  • Kratora (BuyKratom.US). Allowing the customers to track the location or status of their orders is the flagship of this company. Aside from the best client interface, Kratora is also offering a 30-day money-back guarantee scheme. You can also gain “kratora points” in every purchase which can be converted into a cash discount.
  • Coastline Kratom. This supplier is offering the widest selection of kratom strains harvested from Southeast Asia. The Coastline kratom even employed tribe farmers to ensure that only premium kratom leaves are used in their products.
  • Kratom Sensation. Quality kratoms for the lowest prices are possible on this site. You can also enjoy perks and discounts to select products. But unlike other dealers, Kratom Sensation is not imposing a money-back guarantee scheme.

FDA’s Views on the Use and Selling of Kratom Products

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has yet to lift its “potential for abuse” tag on kratom. The said assumption led to different views regarding kratom.

Recently, cases of Salmonella outbreak have been interlinked with the use of kratom. According to the FDA, out of the 24 victims from 27 states, 17 of them are positive of taking kratom.

Despite the said attribution, kratom users all over the states stood firm that there is nothing wrong in using kratom. They cited researches affirming that kratom is a very good substance for opioid withdrawal, relieving chronic pain, and boosting the mind.

For you to know the right dose so that you can avoid some of the reported adverse effects, follow the recommendations below.

Safe Dosages of Kratom to Avoid Unwanted Effects

  • Premium Quality Kratom (Oral Intake). The threshold dose of this type is 2-4 grams a day. Meanwhile, the mild effect will be felt if you take 3-5 grams of kratom. The moderate dosage is 4-10 grams, while the strong dosage is 8-15 grams per day.
  • Ultra-Potent Kratom. The threshold is 1-3 grams a day. For the mild dosage, it is 2-4 grams. If you want moderate effects, take 3-7 grams of this kratom daily. For people searching for strong hype, 6-10 grams is the recommended dose, and for very strong effects, take at most 16 grams.
  • Kratom Extract. The threshold of the kratom extract is 1 gram per day. Meanwhile, for the mild impact, you can take 2 grams of kratom extract daily. For moderate effects, you must take 2-4 grams of kratom every day. The strong dose starts at 3-6 grams of daily kratom intake. If you want very strong effects, take 8 grams of this extract daily.

Some people want to try DIY means of serving a kratom. Well, you can actually do it as long as you have kratom leaves.

How to Make a Kratom Powder from Leaves, the DIY way

You can easily make powder by placing dried kratom leaves inside a kitchen blender. If you don’t have a blender, a coffee grinder will be a great alternative. Just make sure that you run the blender or grinder at high-speed to ensure fine grains of kratom powder.

How to Properly Measure the Dose of Kratom of kratom

A lot of people are asking online about the correct way of measuring their kratom. Well, the right way is by using a scale. Using a scale with an accurate read of up to 1/10th of a gram is considered to be ideal. Weighing the perfect dose is one way to become a pro.

Indeed, if you want to be a legit supplier of kratom, you must not only buy kratom online reviews but also comprehend this one.

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